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Classic Basic

     Over the years, fashion has evolved. And its like any good brand, you keep the identity, you keep the DNA, but it needs to be updated. But having said […]

Talk Shirty To Me Feat. STRAWLOUS

     So you guys know that last month I had done a blog post by the name ‘Chill Scenes’ which featured a white and blue paisley print shirt with denim […]

Beyond Basics

    One of my readers told me that he wanted to know how he could do something more interesting with Friday dressing. My first thought was cardigans with motifs, […]

Character Grey

      I was just going through my blog posts, and i was like why is there so much blue, when grey is my favorite color? Plus i have […]

Chill Scenes

      Yet another week has gone by and it’s still summer and it doesn’t seem to get any better. And i get it that it’s absolutely normal to […]

Blue On Blue

          So a few of you had left this feedback on my social media that you guys aren’t too confident about carrying off an outfit with […]

Red Ridin’

     Before I begin with this post, I just wanna say that this isn’t exactly apt for Indian summers, but when you go appropriate fabrics, you can easily pull this […]

Comfort Zone

     Hey there! So I’ve been getting a lot of feedback from you guys out here, on Instagram and on Facebook, so firstly thank you so much!! And a lot […]

Monochrome ombre

    ‘Ombre’ is basically, a color fading from dark to light or the other way round! Now monochrome is something I have already dealt with, so you can see […]


      Teal! I think it’s an absolutely vibrant color. And even though you’ll find a dominance of blacks, whites, greys and blues, I really the lil bursts of […]

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